The State Government is developing a 10-year State Disability Strategy to build an inclusive community which supports and empowers people with disability.

The Strategy will be the State’s commitment to all people with disability and aims to promote transformative change including equitable opportunities and parity of outcomes in all areas of life. It will set the vision and direction for a more inclusive Western Australia over the next ten years, acknowledging and responding to the value of diversity within our community.

Consultation phases with key stakeholders and the community have been taking place throughout 2019-20.

Consultation Outcomes paper

The Consultation Outcomes paper, which was released on 17 December 2019, outlines key information from the consultation period. The paper details thoughts, concerns, hopes and priorities from the Western Australian people.

We wish to thank everyone who completed the online survey (which was open from 17 December 2019 until 20 January 2020), contributing to the paper's Key Ideas.


 The journey to build our state disability strategy includes defining the vision, engaging with the community, building the strategy, and implementing the plan.

Download an accessible version of the State Disability Strategy roadmap (Word, 348KB).


Stage 1 - “Defining a 10-year Vision” is complete - Download the Consultation analysis - Defining a vision (Word, 1.2MB).

Stage 2 - “Exploring our Community” is complete. For more details please see our page on what has happened so far.

Stage 3 - “Building a 10-year Strategy” is currently underway and is centred around an approach of co-design where people with disability are at the centre of the process. Communities has partnered with People With disabilities WA (PWdWA) to establish the co-design group that is helping to shape the final Strategy.

Additional consultation took place between August and September 2019, focused on how to create change in the identified priority areas of Education, Employment, Transport, Health, Housing, Place-based (Local community), Rights and justice, and Support services.   

Find out what has happened so far.

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