The State Government is developing a 10-year State Disability Plan (the Plan) to build an inclusive community which supports and empowers people with disability.

The aim is to engage, listen and understand the needs of the community - including people with disability, their families and carers as well as those working in the sector. Importantly, it is not just for people with disability, but for all Western Australians who want to live in an inclusive community.

Consultation with the community will take place through 2019 in a variety of forms through three stages. The first two stages - Defining a 10-year Vision and Exploring our Community - are complete.

Download the State Disability Plan Consultation Analysis - Defining a vision.

The third stage - Building a 10-year Plan - has commenced and is centred around an approach of co-design.  


 State Disability Plan Roadmap graphic.
Download an accessible version of the State Disability Plan roadmap.

What's happening now

Summary of what is happening now to "Build a 10-year Plan"

The process to Build a 10-year Plan is underway and includes an approach of co-design where people with disability are at the centre of the process. Communities is partnering with People with disabilities WA (PWdWA), and also undertaking additional consultation to build on the 1600 ideas received through Exploring our Community.

This co-design process will make the voices and experiences of people with disability central in developing the State Disability Plan.

The co-design group have considered emerging themes from  Exploring our Community, identifying priorities, gaps and key themes.

Key priority areas have been identified and include: education, employment, transport, health, housing, place-based, rights and justice, support services.

In August to early September 2019, further consultation will help build on existing information to Build a 10-Year Plan. These consultations include conversations with traditionally hard to reach community groups, workshops with a focus on the key themes and an online survey available for community input. To attend a workshop on the key priority areas register your details through Eventbrite -


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