The State Government is developing a 10-year State Disability Plan to build an inclusive community which supports and empowers people with disability.

The aim is to engage, listen and understand the needs of the community - including people with disability, their families and carers as well as those working in the sector. Importantly, it is not just for people with disability, but for all Western Australians who want to live in an inclusive community.

Consultation with the community has taken place throughout 2019 in a variety of forms.


 State Disability Plan Roadmap graphic.
Download an accessible version of the State Disability Plan roadmap.


Stage 1- “Defining a 10-year Vision” is complete - Download the State Disability Plan Consultation Analysis - Defining a vision.

Stage 2- “Exploring our Community” is complete. Information is being analysed and will inform the development of a long-term community change campaign.  For more details please see our page on what has happened so far.

Stage 3- “Building a 10-year Plan” is currently underway and is centred around an approach of co-design where people with disability are at the centre of the process. Communities has partnered with People With disabilities WA (PWdWA) to establish the co-design group that is helping to shape the final Plan.

Additional consultation has also taken place between August and September, focused on how to create change in the identified priority areas of Education, Employment, Transport, Health, Housing, Place-based (Local community), Rights and justice, and Support services.   

Find out what has happened so far.

What’s next?

It is expected that a Consultation Outcomes Paper will be available in early November 2019, providing a summary of all the input gathered throughout the various stages of consultation.

Want to find out more?

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