The State Government is developing a plan to build an inclusive community which supports and empowers people with disability.

It is a strategy to listen, engage and understand the needs of the community.

The first stage of the process will be consultation and engagement with people with disability, their families and carers, to learn from their real-life experiences.

We will also be engaging with a broad range of people and groups across Western Australia, which will further contribute to a State Disability Plan.

Check back weekly to this webpage to receive updates and future consultation sessions. You will also have the opportunity to share your vision for the State Disability Plan.

To register your interest in the State Disability Plan for WA and find out about planned consultation events please provide your contact details.

If you require assistance with the registration process please call our team on 6167 8899 or email 

Have your say...

WA have your say on the development of a State Disability Plan.

Between December and February, we will be asking a series of questions that will help create the desired vision of the State Disability Plan. We hope to capture people’s hopes and aspirations as well as understand the challenges that people face day-to-day.

Your first question is about inclusion.

Inclusion means many things to different people – To be included is an attitude and approach that embraces diversity. Inclusion values people’s differences and promotes equal opportunities for all. It could be belonging, where you feel welcomed, where you can contribute and feel connected, valued and respected.

To have your say, follow this link - HaveYourSay