Stakeholder Survey

The Department of Communities (Communities) is reviewing and updating the Age Friendly Communities: A Western Australian Approach (the toolkit)

Communities invites input from:

  • practitioners who have used the toolkit for research, planning or other purposes, for example, local government officers, consultants and researchers, and
  • people who have participated in an age-friendly consultation process, for example, individual seniors, carers and service providers.

Communities is also seeking input from potential toolkit users including businesses, professional associations, and not-for-profit community organisations and service providers who may be interested in becoming more age friendly.

The current toolkit was developed in 2008 and was based on the World Health Organisation Guidelines for Age-friendly Cities. It was designed for use by local governments to create age-friendly communities. It is now timely to review the toolkit to ensure it reflects current practice and Communities is keen to obtain your views.

The survey is open until Monday, 5 November 2018.

Should you wish to provide further comment, or have queries about the survey, please contact Robyn Teede, Strategy Officer, Department of Communities at or

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