In December 2019, the State Government announced funding of $2.3 million for the design and development of an Online Homelessness Services Portal that will make it easier for people who are experiencing homelessness to access help and support.

The Portal will have the dual function of holding accommodation and support service information and availability, as well as the information of people who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Information will only be shared when consent is provided.

During the first half of 2020, the Department of Communities engaged the Centre for Social Impact to complete a six month co-design process to determine what a No Wrong Door approach to homelessness looks like and what features the Online Homelessness Services Portal will need to include to enable this approach.

Consistent with the outcomes of the No Wrong Door blueprint (PDF, 19.4MB), the Portal will provide two new information technology platforms: a Digital ‘Front Door’ and a One Story Database.

Draft IT Requirements – Invitation to provide comment

In early November 2020, Communities conducted a small workshop with the No Wrong Door co-design group to define the functional IT requirements for the Portal. 

The draft IT requirements for the Portal are available here (Excel, 53KB) and members of the community services sector are invited to provide comment. The finalised requirements will be used in a procurement process to secure an appropriate IT platform developer.

Feedback can be provided by email to You may wish to download the spreadsheet and send it to us with your comments entered directly.

Please submit any comments or feedback by 5pm Thursday, 24 December 2020.

Further opportunities for consultation, collaboration and co-design of the Online Homelessness Services Portal will be communicated in early 2021.