My accounts on Housing Online

My accounts displays all accounts and transactions for rent, water, repairs, tenant liability, bond assistance loans, former tenants accounts or other accounts you might have related to your housing assistance.

Screenshot of the My accounts tab on Housing Online.

The balance of your accounts is displayed on the right side of the screen. If the amount is displayed without a minus sign in front (e.g. $20.00) it means your payments are up to date. If your balance appears in red with a negative sign in front of the amount (e.g. -$385.25) it means you have fallen behind on payments.

Screenshot of the payment options under My accounts on Housing Online.

If you are behind on payments, you can make one using the payment options listed on this screen.

To view more detailed information on any of your accounts, click Actions and select View statement.

You can view debit and credit transactions for the past 12 months and filter your transactions by Charges or Payments. Select your filter and click View.

 Screenshot of debit and credit transactions section under Account statement on Housing Online.

You can also filter transactions by date. Select the From and To dates and click View.

Screenshot of filtering transactions by date in the Account statement section on Housing Online.

If you pay any of your accounts by direct debit, click Actions and select Payment schedule to review past payments and future payments scheduled from your nominated bank account.

Screenshot of how to pay accounts by direct debit in the Account statement section on Housing Online.

Click the Future payments tab for future payments and click the Historic payments tab for past payments.

Screenshot of the future payments schedule under Account statement on Housing Online.

To see more past or future payments, click Next at the end of this page. If you want to go back to My accounts page, click Back.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my account has been paid in full?

When you log into My accounts, your account balance is shown on the right of the screen. If you have paid off the account debt in full, the balance will be $0.00.

What is a rechargeable repairs account?

This account includes any repair charges that a Housing tenant is liable for.

What is a sundry account?

This account is for charges that are not related to rent, water, tenant liability or former tenancy charges, e.g. court costs.

What is a former tenancy debt account?

This account includes any charges from a previous Housing tenancy. It includes charges that you are responsible for like unpaid rent, water charges or repairs.

If I make a payment using one of the payment options, will it show straight away in my account?

No. It may take up to three business days for the payment to be processed and appear in the relevant account.

What does the negative sign (e.g. -$125.35) in front of my balance mean?

This means your account is in debit and you are behind on payments. You can make a payment using one of the options at the bottom of the My accounts screen. Remember to allow up to three business days for a payment that you make to be processed and reflected in your Housing Online account.

Payment options include:

What are the charges in the My accounts screen?

Charges means that your account has been billed the amounts owing for rent, water consumption, repairs etc.

What are the payments in the My accounts screen?

These show the payments you have made for costs associated with your tenancy for rent, water consumption, repairs, etc.

What does the ‘Load more’ button do?

This button at the bottom of the My accounts screen gives you the option to view additional transactions. Each time you click the button, 25 more transactions will be displayed.

If you have fewer than 25 transactions in your account, the button will not be displayed.

Are the account transactions listed in Housing Online different from my quarterly statement?

The transactions in Housing Online are listed in order from the most recent to the oldest, whereas the transactions in your quarterly statements are listed in the reverse order, from oldest to most recent.

Although the order is different, the transaction amounts and dates are the same.