Housing Online dashboard

The dashboard is the first screen you see after you log into your Housing Online account and displays all the available services on the portal.

Screenshot of the dashboard on Housing Online.

  • My accounts: view all accounts and transactions for rent, water, repairs, tenant liability, bond assistance loans, former tenants accounts or other accounts related to your housing assistance.
  • Update my contact details: keep your home number, mobile number, email address or contact address up to date.
    (Tip – When you provide your email address and/or your mobile number, you will be automatically subscribed to receive electronic messages from the Department of Communities about your housing assistance.)
  • My messages: view messages sent to you by Housing Online. Other correspondence from the Department of Communities (e.g. letters) is not displayed here.
  • My login: update your Housing Online login details including email, password, secret question and memorable date. You’ll need to use your updated login details next time you use Housing Online.
  • My repairs: view the history of repairs reported for your public housing tenancies.
  • My tenancies: view the history of your public housing tenancies.
  • My housing application: view applications for social housing or public housing transfers
  • My personal details: view our records of your name, date of birth and identification document number. If this information is incorrect you will need to contact your closest Housing office.
  • My Glossary: explanations of commonly used terms in our Housing Online services.