Youth Week WA 2020 will run from 17-24 April and it is the single largest celebration of young people on the Western Australian youth calendar.

The Department of Communities is responsible for oversight of Youth Week WA and have appointed two WA Ambassadors for 2020.

This year’s Youth Week WA theme is Koora, Mila, Yeyi - three Nyoongar words that refer to three different points of time, Koora meaning the past, Mila meaning the future, and Yeyi meaning the present.

2020 Ambassadors

The ambassadors work with a committee of young people to develop events across the State, including the KickstART Festival, which is run by Propel Youth Arts in partnership with Communities.

Zahra Al Hilaly

Zahra is 19 years old and a first generation Australian to refugee parents from Iran and Palestine. She is studying a double major in Law and Journalism at the University of Western Australia.

Zahra is a leader in the multicultural community, values unique perspectives and works closely with young people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds to foster their involvement in the broader community. She is passionate about developing her knowledge of youth engagement for multicultural communities.

Haseeb Riaz

Haseeb is 19 years old and is currently working as a Coordinator for Dr YES, running high school peer-to-peer health education sessions to equip students with healthy harm-minimising and decision-making skills. He is enrolled in a direct pathway position to the Doctor of Medicine course and was awarded the top UWA undergraduate Fogarty Foundation Scholarship.

Haseeb is an advocate for youth issues and is passionate about young people having a voice. He co-founded the Man Up project, that empowers young men with the tools to develop their positive masculinity and intends to deliver the program to schools.