About the West Pilbara Plan

The West Pilbara Plan is the State Government working with Aboriginal elders, community members and service providers in and around Roebourne to address intergenerational disadvantage and child sexual abuse.

The West Pilbara Plan started in February 2018 and has six priority areas: 

  1. More support for children, carers and families
  2. Safer children
  3. Tackling alcohol and drugs
  4. Greater engagement in school and work
  5. Healing the community
  6. Redesigning government funded services

Across the priority areas are 32 projects, each being led by a government agency working with community and non-government stakeholders.

The plan


Priority areas and projects

Lead agency


Priority Area 1:  More support for children, carers and families



Track and provide case management support for all affected children, with a focus on the support at and through school.

Department of Communities


Coordinate counselling services available through different agencies to ensure that those who need support can get it.

Department of Communities


Establish a Roebourne community services centre to co-locate services in a culturally-safe space for families and ensure better service coordination.

Department of Communities


Establish 10 supported houses in Roebourne for vulnerable families, or carers with multiple children, who require in-home support.

Department of Communities


Promote greater engagement in early childhood health and education services among trauma-affected families.

Department of Education


Upskill local service providers and community members on abuse and trauma identification, referral processes, protective behaviours and effective interventions.

Department of Communities


Priority Area 2:  A safer community for children



More youth activities at nights, on weekends and during school holidays (particularly the upcoming Christmas holidays) focused on a ‘youth precinct’ around the Roebourne PCYC and Roebourne Youth Centre.

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries


Realign the government-funded community patrol focused on adults to support the community-established night patrol focused on youth.

Department of Communities


Expedite the trials of alleged offenders of sexual abuse.

Department of Justice


Establish a Roebourne men’s shelter to allow women and children experiencing domestic violence to stay in their home and encourage men to access DV support. 

Department of Communities


Work with community and police to establish curfew at night for children and youth and identified safe houses / places for children and youth after hours.

WA Police Force


Prioritise community engagement and involvement in justice diversion programs in the West Pilbara.

Department of Justice


Consolidate recreation spaces for children and youth into a ‘youth precinct’ and build any additional facilities (e.g. bike track) in alignment with City of Karratha town planning processes.

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries


Priority Area 3:  Tackling alcohol and drugs



Develop a tailored alcohol management plan for the West Pilbara (noting work is underway). The Roebourne community will be the first trial site for the plan with the potential for further rollout across the State. The plan will be developed with the local community and other key stakeholders.

Mental Health Commission


Alcohol and other drug services for young people (including therapeutic services for children under 18 years).

Mental Health Commission


Introduce a culturally-secure residential healing service for families to work through their issues with a focus on personal safety, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Department of Communities


Priority Area 4:  Greater engagement in school and work



Develop a model of secondary schooling provision for young people in Roebourne that improves engagement in learning and more strongly connects to future training and employment.

Department of Education


Refocus the Roebourne TAFE campus to provide more industry-specific training, and case-management support to high-school aged students engaged in vocation training, focused on identified job opportunities

Department of Training and Workforce Development


Develop direct industry training and work pathways with the Roebourne TAFE / new college and local employers (miners, local government and others), including to leverage opportunities through Local Projects, Local Jobs.

Department of Training and Workforce Development


Facilitate Aboriginal reference groups to guide implementation of cultural standards framework in all West Pilbara schools.

Department of Education


Increase access to licensing services in Roebourne and provide greater support for people to address outstanding fines and infringements.

Department of Transport


Priority Area 5:  Healing the community



Establish an Aboriginal trauma and healing advisory committee to advise the Government on ways to address intergenerational trauma and disadvantage

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet


Focus on youth leadership and mentoring initiatives to create an Aboriginal youth voice.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet


Support teaching of Aboriginal languages and culture at the Roebourne school.

Department of Education


Support media and communication initiatives that develop and promote local positive role-models, peer support and protective behaviours in community.

Department of Communities


Increase access to treatment at support services within the Roebourne prison and reintegration services, including supported accommodation services, post release.

Department of Justice 


Continue to support facilitated community development and planning activities coordinated through a backbone Aboriginal community organisation in Roebourne.

Department of Communities


Support Aboriginal Elders to develop / promote cultural rules through the town.

Department of Communities


Priority Area 6:  Reprioritising government contracts and services



Review of service contracts and procurement against outcomes for Roebourne and the broader West Pilbara region.

Department of the Premier and Cabinet


Develop a shared outcomes and accountability framework that drives future commissioning of services in the West Pilbara and enables evaluation of government expenditure and effort.

Department of the Premier and Cabinet


Strengthen integrated service planning and development and recommission contracts with community to improve service delivery efficiency and outcomes.

Department of the Premier and Cabinet


Identify lead agency, appoint director to lead plan, and coordinate ongoing engagement with and reporting to community on plan and outcomes.

Department of Communities



Further information

View our Governance page to read more about:

  • Governance structure
  • Lead government agencies
  • Reporting
  • The team


For more information email westpilbaraplan@communities.wa.gov.au.