About the plan

The West Pilbara Plan is the State Government working with Aboriginal elders, community members and service providers in and around Roebourne to address intergenerational disadvantage and child sexual abuse.

The West Pilbara Plan started in February 2018 and has six priority areas: 

  1. More support for children, carers and families
  2. Safer children
  3. Tackling alcohol and drugs
  4. Greater engagement in school and work
  5. Healing the community
  6. Redesigning government funded services

Across the priority areas are 32 projects; each being led by a government agency working with community and non-government stakeholders.

Lead government agencies 

  • WA Police Force
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Transport
  • Mental Health Commission
  • Department of Communities
  • Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Department of Training and Workforce Development
  • Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Governance structure

The governance structure for the West Pilbara Plan is: 

  • Community members – Aboriginal elders, leaders and residents in and around Roebourne who provide advice and feedback on the West Pilbara Plan.
  • Community Safety and Family Support Cabinet Sub-Committee – responsible for strategic oversight of the West Pilbara Plan.
  • Directors General Implementation Group – directs and implements across-government social policies.
  • West Pilbara Plan Executive Committee – high-level decision-making and authorising body providing strategic direction on the West Pilbara Plan.
  • Pilbara District Leadership Group – stakeholders and lead government agencies responsible for regional leadership of the West Pilbara Plan.
  • West Pilbara Plan Working Group – lead government agencies responsible for on-the-ground delivery of the West Pilbara Plan.


The West Pilbara Plan’s 10 lead agencies report on the progress of their project/s every quarter to the West Pilbara Plan Executive Committee.

Progress status reports are provided regularly to the plan’s governing bodies for review, discussion and action, including to the Roebourne community.

The team

The West Pilbara Plan is being coordinated by a team in the Department of Communities.

The West Pilbara Plan team is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the progress of the West Pilbara Plan.

The team is working with lead agencies, stakeholders and Aboriginal elders, leaders and community members to ensure the intent of the West Pilbara Plan is achieved.


For more information contact: westpilbaraplan@communities.wa.gov.au