The Department of Communities is working with the Department of Education, White Ribbon Australia and Starick Services to deliver the WA Respectful Relationships Teaching Support Program.

The program supports school staff to teach students about healthy and positive relationships in the context of family and domestic violence prevention, and the implementation of a whole of school approach to violence prevention.

The WA Respectful Relationships Teaching Support Program is informed by a growing body of research, policy and practice in primary prevention in school settings and has been adapted to the WA context.

Respectful Relationships initiatives working with young people form a critical component of Australia’s National Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women and their Children 2010-2022.  The third Action Plan under the National Plan includes a commitment to support schools and teachers to deliver age-appropriate and evidence-based respectful relationships education to all students.

The WA Respectful Relationships Teaching Support Program recognises that school communities can play a part in promoting healthy and respectful relationships and the message that violence is never OK. Schools can play an important role in breaking the cycle of violence by teaching young people how to recognise and challenge violence against women and build respectful relationships.  

The WA Respectful Relationships Teaching Support Program will assist schools to educate students that violence is not acceptable and will help promote healthy and respectful relationships in the community.


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If you are experiencing family and domestic violence please click here for information about support services, or in an emergency call 000.