On 7 June 2020, the Western Australian Government announced a housing stimulus package with an estimated value of $444 million to aid the state’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Social Housing Economic Recovery Package (SHERP) has been developed in an effort to protect and create jobs, boost industry confidence and encourage WA prospective homebuyers to build new homes.

The Department of Communities (Communities) is responsible for delivering three streams of the SHERP, totalling $319 million, comprising:

  • Stream 1: $97 million to build or buy (off-the-plan) about 250 dwellings, to be used for either social or affordable housing, across both metropolitan Perth and regional areas between 2020‑21 to 2022‑23
  • Stream 2: $142 million to deliver refurbishments to 1,500 existing public and supported residential houses and Community Housing Organisation houses, including the costs to relocate tenants, between 2020‑21 and 2021‑22
  • Stream 3: $80 million for a targeted maintenance programs for 3,800 regional social housing properties – including, remote Aboriginal communities’ stock and subsidised housing for regional government workers in 2020‑21.

Communities recognises that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the most vulnerable in our community and therefore anticipates that a majority the new housing delivered by the SHERP will be made available to people on the state’s social housing priority waitlist.

Where possible, property refurbishments will improve liveability, sustainability and appropriateness for resident or tenant needs. Additionally, the new social housing homes constructed will be built to Livable Housing Australia’s silver standard or higher to better support people with disability.

The refurbishment stream will also seek opportunities to target deteriorated supported accommodation such as refuges, residential group homes for children in care, and supported disability accommodation (group homes).

The SHERP provides a great range of opportunities for local trades, businesses and services to tender and contract for available work. Estimates indicate that the overall delivery of the SHERP will support approximately 1,700 jobs, many of them in regional areas.

Expressions of interest from the development and construction industry

Stream 1: Construction

The construction stream will appoint a range of construction partners through a Design, Construct and Refurbishment panel, where qualified builders are encouraged to register in order to be considered for a suitable project. The panel allows Communities to appoint work in a timely manner and ensures trades can commence work as quickly as possible. The panel is for metropolitan areas only.

Request for Proposal for the Design and Construct and/or Housing Refurbishment Builders Panel 2020 is now open and closes on 16 July 2020. For a copy of the documentation, visit Tenders WA and search for tender reference number HOU9600620.

Regional projects will be procured through a variety of methods including existing panel arrangements in place in the Kimberley and Pilbara, as well as design and construct, and design and public tender processes.

Opportunities to tender will be across a range of projects including single residential dwellings and packages of housing across several locations.

Stream 1: Off-the-plan dwellings

The Call for Submissions for Pre-sales Opportunities is now open and closes on 3 July 2020. For a copy of the documentation, visit Tenders WA and search for tender reference number HOU202004740.

The process aims to fast-track construction-ready projects – further supporting the residential construction sector.

Streams 2 and 3: Refurbishment and maintenance

Works within the refurbishment and maintenance streams are expected to commence soon, and Communities will utilise a range of delivery mechanisms including working with existing Head Maintenance Contractors across the state.

Small businesses and trades are encouraged to contact Communities via the email address below or approach the current Head Maintenance Contractors directly to express interest in becoming a contractor.

Head Maintenance Contractors:

Communities also recognises that the SHERP may interest new and existing partners within the industry and therefore it encourages any interested parties to contact the Department via the below email address. 

Please contact housingstimulus@communities.wa.gov.au for more information on any of the above opportunities.