About OOHC

The Department of Communities has worked in partnership with the community services sector to develop a suite of reforms in the Out-of-Home Care (OOHC) sector. 

The reforms outlined in Building a Better Future: Out-of-Home Care Reform in Western Australia – April 2016 will realign and reorientate the focus of the OOHC system, including the service models, standards and legislation. 

The reforms are aligned to deliver:

  • a system focused on the needs of the child
  • a coordinated and flexible service system
  • a safe system held to high quality standards
  • a legislative framework supporting best outcomes for children and families.

The OOHC reform objectives include:

  • greater accountability for funding associated with service provision of OOHC services
  • a requirement for any non-Aboriginal organisation to have a mutually beneficial relationship with an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO) or Aboriginal Reference Group to promote culturally safe and responsive service delivery
  • greater stability for Community Sector Organisations (CSOs) through the provision of five-year contracts.


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