The Community Housing Study is an independent study which will assist the Department of Communities to better understand the strengths of the sector, and improve the social housing system.

The Study will also inform the development of the State Government’s Housing Strategy.

Consultation on the Community Housing Study is being conducted in two stages:

Stage 1: PwC Australia (PwC) interviewed 14 entities: 10 Community Housing Providers, 2 peak bodies and 2 individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in community housing. Results of Stage 1 are now available:

PwC provided de-identified, randomised interview notes to the Department of Communities. The “Stage 1 entities” have provided their consent to publish the full notes from the consultation interviews.

The thematic summary has been prepared to provide a condensed version of the Stage 1 interview notes, for consultation purposes.

Stage 2: This stage used the results of Stage 1 as the basis. Stage 2 involved various methods of consultation, tailored to the various perspectives on community housing, including:

  • A workshop for Community Housing Providers hosted by Communities, Shelter WA, CHIA WA and WACOSS on 11 July to discuss the themes that arose during Stage 1.
  • An online survey targeted at organisations involved in community housing.
    • Community housing providers,  peak bodies, member-based networks and consumer groups were sent individual links to the Provider survey. 
  • Tenant feedback was obtained through peak bodies, member-based networks and consumer groups – including tenant advocates and tenant advisory groups.

Stage 2 has now closed.

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