A new project that supports school staff to teach students about respectful relationships in the context of family and domestic violence prevention is underway in Western Australia.

The Department of Communities is working with the Department of Education, White Ribbon Australia and Starick Service Inc. to deliver the Respectful Relationships Teaching Support Program to an initial 10 WA schools.

The 10 schools involved began training last week and will receive ongoing support to develop a whole-of-school plan to improve understanding of family and domestic violence and deliver the school’s existing respectful relationships curriculum.

The program will be tailored to each individual school’s context and schools will determine their own requirements based on their needs.

It will be delivered by White Ribbon Australia, in partnership with local family and domestic violence organisation Starick Services. Starick will connect staff and students affected by family and domestic violence to appropriate support services.

The Respectful Relationships Teaching Support Program will assist schools to educate children that violence is not ok and will help promote healthy and respectful relationships in the community.