Young people with an interest in, or connection to, World War I (WWI) have until Friday, 6 April to apply for the Centenary of Armistice Tour (the tour).

The tour will take up to eight young people to France in November, where they will visit significant historical sites on the Western Front over 10 days.

As well as developing a greater understanding of the role and service of Australians during WWI, the tour is a unique opportunity for young people to develop their self-confidence and exchange ideas and experiences with other participants.

Delegates will also share their experience with their local communities before and after the tour.

Guidelines for applicants, requirements for participants and the online application form are available from the Centenary of Armistice Tour page on the Department of Communities website.

Young people aged 18 to 25 with an interest in, or connection to, WWI and its enduring legacy are encouraged to apply.

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