Statement from Michelle Andrews, Director General, Department of Communities

I am shocked and disappointed at the events that have publicly unfolded today.

I have been the Director General of the Department of Communities for just over six months and have found the Department of more than 6,000 outstanding employees to be dedicated and committed professionals who help some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

To the people of Western Australia, I am sure you must be asking “how could this happen?" I too am asking the same question.

Since my appointment, I have been introducing stronger governance, risk management and audit practices as well as bringing in additional skills and capabilities to support Communities. But clearly, further work needs to be done by all of us to build a Department with a stronger culture built on integrity, honesty and service delivery and to regain public trust and confidence.

Today I contacted the Public Sector Commissioner requesting an independent review looking at matters of integrity with the Department of Communities to identify areas of improvement.

I have also taken immediate steps to appoint an interim Assistant Director General from outside of Western Australia.

For those people within the community we serve, I would like to reassure you, this will not impact our service delivery.

All Western Australians should expect that myself and my leadership team will take every step, to stop corrupt and improper practices.

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