Photo of three children seated at a table in school having their lunch.

The Department of Communities has been working with the Department of Health and the Department of Education to strengthen childhood immunisation requirements.

Phase one of the ‘No Jab No Play’ policy will commence from 1 January 2019. It will require child care services, kindergartens and schools to collect and provide immunisation related data to the Department of Health’s Chief Health Officer on request and will enhance the powers of the Chief Health Officer during a disease outbreak.

It is anticipated phase two of ‘No Jab No Play’ will be effective as of July 2019 for children entering child care services and in 2020 for children commencing kindergarten. If passed, Phase two will allow the Chief Health Officer to exclude children who are not fully vaccinated from enrolling in child care services and kindergarten (non-compulsory early education and care).

The WA childhood immunisation program is provided free through the National Immunisation Program and protects children from 16 vaccine preventable diseases.

For more information, please visit the Department of Health website.