Date: Wednesday, 14 November 2018
Time: 10am – 2pm
Location: Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre Community Garden
219 North Road, Albany

For Gary Richardson, gardening has been a way to get outdoors, keep fit and keep his mind active after retiring.

Gardening in older age also led him to discover a love for hydroponic gardening – growing plants not in soil, but in nutrient enriched water in troughs, which means that less bending and kneeling is required.

This Seniors Week, the Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre in Mt Lockyer is celebrating gardening in older age through an event demonstrating gardening aids, tools, practices and techniques that can allow older gardeners to continue to garden enjoyably and without injury.

The event will showcase raised garden beds, no-dig gardening techniques, and irrigation technologies designed to make gardening easier and to reduce potential hazards for seniors in the garden.

Gardening enthusiast Gary Richardson in the Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre Community Garden

Image: Gardening enthusiast Gary Richardson in the Rainbow Coast
Neighbourhood Centre Community Garden

Community Garden Co-Coordinator Yann Toussaint, said the event was also a great way to make new friends through a shared hobby.

 “We've seen lovely examples of newly arrived refugees from Burundi, Burma and Afghanistan, post-war migrants of Italian and Polish heritage and retirees from farming backgrounds swapping seeds, plants, gardening tips, excess produce and recipes when they've come together for an event at the community garden.”

“Food and gardening - they're things that bring people together and the community garden provides a welcoming space and helps create that link between people who might not otherwise ordinarily interact.”

The event will also share and celebrate other “nanna-technologies” – skills that are known to many seniors but are at risk of being lost in the broader community. Making jams and preserving foods, sewing and embroidery, repairing things and woodwork are all examples of “nanna-technologies” that are not commonly known by younger generations.

The Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre Seniors Week workshop is sponsored by the Department of Communities and Lotterywest through the 2018 Seniors Week Community Grants Program.

The Seniors Week Community Grants Program supports events with a focus on building skills and learning new things later in life – an important component of healthy and active ageing.

To find Seniors Week activities in your local area, check out the Guide here.