This week our Director General had the COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccination. We asked the Director General a few questions about her experience.


Why did you decide to have the vaccination?

The COVID-19 vaccine is so important if we are to keep Western Australians safe and healthy. It will help protect our workforce, the people we serve, many of them vulnerable, and of course our own families and communities.


What are your hopes for the WA or wider community once vaccination rates pick up?

Loved ones who have been separated will be able see each other again and that we find a ‘new normal’ that embraces the many lessons we have learnt.


What advice would you give to others who are sitting on the fence about getting a vaccination?

Reach out to experts, get good advice from credible sources, discuss your options with people you trust.


Do you know someone who contracted the virus? Does getting the vaccination have a special meaning to you?

Yes, my next-door neighbour in March 2020. Thankfully she fully recovered. But it jolted me out of any complacency at the beginning of the pandemic.


Do you think Communities staff should lead by example on vaccinations and why?

Definitely, we are in a position of privilege and responsibility. Anything less would not align with our values nor meet our obligations to the people we serve.


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