This update is to provide you with the latest information from the Department of Health regarding the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

At this stage, the Department of Health advises that the risk of transmission in Australia remains low. We are acting on a range of precautionary measures being recommended for those who have recently visited China and specifically the Hubei province.

The Federal Department of Health recommends that anybody who has been in the Hubei province of China must isolate themselves for 14 days after leaving the Hubei province. This means that any anyone returning from this area should stay at home and not attend work, or any other public place, for this period.

Furthermore, the Western Australian Department of Health has adopted a more precautionary approach to managing the virus and asks parents of children who have returned from anywhere in mainland China or Hong Kong within the last 14 days not to send their children to school or an early childhood centre.

While the risk of the virus spreading is low, this voluntary 14 day exclusion is a precaution to ensure the safest possible environment. After 14 days, if there are no symptoms, staff and students may return to work or school.

The Department of Health Western Australia has provided two new factsheets about the novel coronavirus to help inform early childhood centres, schools and parents.

More information regarding the novel coronavirus is available on the Department of Health homepage, or call the coronavirus hotline on 1800 300 243 for information on the virus and its symptoms.

We will update information as advised by health authorities.