Approximately 80 per cent of Western Australians donate their time and effort to volunteer work. Many of the State’s volunteers have played an important role in supporting vulnerable people impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Department of Communities helps to build and strengthen volunteering in Western Australia. It partners with the community services sector to develop volunteer opportunities in Western Australia as well as encouraging and assisting people to become involved in volunteering.

One partner is Volunteering WA, the peak body for volunteering in Western Australia. Volunteering WA has launched an emergency volunteering website calling on people to lend a hand during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Members of the public can register their details through a simple sign up process to help deliver essential services to those most vulnerable in our community.

Other ways Communities supports volunteering in Western Australia include:

WA Volunteering Strategy

Developed in 2018, the WA Volunteering Strategy provides a broad framework for action and suggests strategies that can be implemented by our community, to encourage and support volunteering. This strategy was developed based on national and international research, as well as extensive guidance from key stakeholders including Volunteering WA, local governments, resource centres, volunteer-involving organisations and, most importantly, volunteers.

The State Government aims to provide support, acknowledgement and guidance, but the sector’s sustainability requires the collective efforts of the whole community.

Volunteering Development Services Review

A review is currently underway of Volunteering Development Services (also known as Volunteer Resource Centres) which are located around Western Australia and provide resources and support to potential volunteers in their community. Find out more about the Volunteering Development Services Review or find your local Volunteer Resource Centre.


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