Tuesdays at Twelve is an insightful webinar series that examines in detail topical issues as they arise, including how we can all assist the community during an unprecedented time of physical distancing. The series is hosted by the Department of Communities Director General Michelle Andrews.

Previous webinars

12 May 2020

In this final webinar, Director General Michelle Andrews is joined by Susan Hunt from Lotterywest, who updates us on funding options for programs and activities.

5 May 2020

In this webinar, Judith Stewart, Executive Director of the Department of Health’s COVID-19 Planning Cell speaks on the very important subject of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the risk-based processes used to assign PPE.

28 April 2020

Director General Michelle Andrews is joined by the Health Department’s Assistant Director General Dr James Williamson to provide a presentation to inform the Government’s response to COVID-19.

21 April 2020

Director General Michelle Andrews and Tiffany Allen who is leading the coordination of the taskforces speak with Mental Health Commissioner Jen McGrath, and Principal, Nous Group and former Director General, Department of Child Protection and Family Support Emma White. They discuss the taskforces, six weeks on from Western Australia being declared a State of Emergency; explore the benefits of taking preventative actions; and speak to new challenges now that we have a reduced health emergency, but a looming economic and social one with limited and redirected resources.

14 April 2020

In this first webinar, Director General Michelle Andrews and special guests WACOSS President Deborah Zanella and Mental Health Commissioner Jennifer McGrath discuss the State Emergency Welfare Planning, community engagement and citizen wellbeing.