On 28 April 2017, the Premier of Western Australia announced the first round of Machinery of Government changes in the public sector commencing with the amalgamation of a number of government departments.

These structural changes are aimed at creating collaborative departments focused on whole-of-government objectives and delivering services in a more efficient and effective way.

The newly formed Department of Communities comprises services that were previously provided by the following agencies:

  • Department for Child Protection and Family Support
  • Department of Housing (including Housing Authority)
  • Disability Services Commission
  • the communities component of the Department of Local Government and Communities including the Education and Care Regulatory Unit
  • Regional Services Reform Unit

We are also working with the new Department of Justice on the transfer of youth community corrections to the new Department of Communities as soon as is practicable.

A message from the interim Director General

The Department of Communities will provide services to a diverse range of Western Australians, including people with disability, children who are in the legal care of the State and those who need a place to call home.

The newly formed Communities team are focused on ensuring all those who receive our services and support can thrive and have real life choices. 

The Machinery of Government change has provided a unique opportunity to influence and better support the lives of individuals, families and entire communities.

I know that many people are frustrated by trying to access services from multiple government agencies. Our new portfolio will seek to cut red tape and better integrate services that meet individual, family and community needs.

The Communities team will do this with a clear focus on inclusion, building resilience and providing services and support based on individual needs. 

Change of this scale is not easy and it will take time. I am confident that together with our partners, service providers and people that we serve, we will create thriving communities into the future. 

Grahame Searle
Interim Director General

Interim Corporate Executive

The interim Corporate Executive will provide strong governance for the new Department whilst a permanent structure is developed.

Department of Communities Organisation Structure Department of Communities Organisation Structure