Licence fees

Fishing licence

A 50% discount on recreational fishing licence fees is available for Western Australian Seniors Card holders, Age, Disability, Widows Service Pension and Coal Industry Super.

Further information 

Department of Fisheries
phone 9482 7333

Drivers’ and vehicle licensing

A 50% concession is available on your driver's licence renewal if you hold a Western Australian Seniors Card.

If you hold a Western Australian Seniors Card AND a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, you may be entitled to free driver's licence renewals along with a 50% concession on your vehicle licence fee. The vehicle concession ONLY applies to the licence fee component of registration and does not include a concession on stamp duty, insurance, GST or recording fee.

If you own more than one vehicle, a concession can only be applied to one of your vehicles at any given time. To apply for a concession, complete an application form, available from Licensing Centres or regional Licensing Agents, or by visiting You cannot submit your application for a concession at Australia Post Offices, over the phone or internet.

If your application is approved, your future renewal reminders will be calculated and issued with the fee concession stated on the renewal notice. Please note that where a driver's licence renewal fee is NIL, the renewal notice must still be receipted at any Licensing Agent or Australia Post Office, to ensure continuity of the licence.

Licence renewals can be paid at any Licensing Centre, regional Licensing Agent or Australia Post Office. Phone or internet payments may be accepted for motor vehicle and/or driver's licence* renewals.

Further information

Department of Transport  or check your White Pages to locate your nearest Licensing Centre or regional Licensing Agent
Phone 13 11 56

* Only available where no photo capture or medical is required prior to renewal.

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