Apply for a WA Seniors Card

To apply for the WA Seniors Card you need to complete an application form. It includes a statutory declaration to confirm that you are legally eligible for a card. By law your signature must be witnessed by an approved person. A list of suitable witnesses is provided on the application form.

Download a WA Seniors Card Application form or pick one up from the WA Seniors Card Centre or Australia Post.  

Need a replacement card?

To replace a lost or stolen card or to change your name, you need to complete a replacement application form

Change in eligibility for a WA Seniors Card

Please note, you need to advise the WA Seniors Card Centre if you commence full-time employment (i.e. work more than 25 hours a week, averaged over a 12 month period) or cease being a permanent resident of Western Australia as this may affect you eligibility to retain the card. 

Post your completed forms to:

WA Seniors Card Centre
Locked Bag 3

t: (08) 6551 8800
f: (08) 9226 4745

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Last Updated: 29-01-2015

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