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The Department of Local Government and Communities recognises the vital role that women play in building strong and vibrant communities.

Quality research and community consultation are central to our work, whether we are developing policy or providing advice on programs and services. We work in partnership with women, community groups and with other government agencies.

We recognise that all women are different and that women’s priorities change during their life, and what may be important to a young woman will not be the same for a woman nearing retirement. We recognise this diversity of women when we are:

  • working on inter-government advisory committees
  • organising community consultations
  • responding to government enquiries and contributing to policy development
  • initiating research
  • analysing statistical data; and
  • providing gender analysis in policy development.

We offer a confidential telephone information and referral service on 1800 199 174.

Being Board Ready: A Guide for Women

Being Board Ready: A Guide for Women can help you to prepare for a position on a board, whether or not you have any previous experience.

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Last Updated: 15-04-2014