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There are a range of quality resources to make things easier for parents and carers, and to help develop a child to their full capacity. There are a range of quality resources to make things easier for parents and carers, and to help develop a child to their full capacity.

New: An e-learning course for working with families from pre-birth to eight
This free online resource identifies the key information and practices that will help professionals and practitioners support parents and families to give children the best start in life. The course provides an interactive, comprehensive overview of a consistent set of values and principles to use when working with families. It includes voice over audio, self-reflection questions, short film clips and multiple choice assessments at the end of each section.

Choose to hug  - information and suggestions for parents about encouraging acceptable behaviour through positive discipline.​​​

Parenting WA Guides - a series of tip sheets on topics relating to babies and children, families, teenagers and Aboriginal parenting.

Babies - welcoming your new baby into the family can be very exciting, emotional and exhausting.  It takes time for you and your baby to get to know and understand each other.

'Brain development' poster-  helping children from birth to 3 years to play, learn, engage, and care. (Available in hard copy as A2 and A3 posters.)

Communicating with children poster - at every age children need parents to understand how they are feeling and to be able to effectively communicate together. Model these positive ways of talking to your children in 100 ways to nurture communication with children.

Fly-in-Fly-Out family support - some families find managing the work and family lifestyle where a parent works away for extended periods of time somewhat difficult. There is support for families when a parent works away.

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders - learn about the effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy  with information about FASD for service providers working with families.

Grandfamilies - advice for grandparents who are in, entering or helping in, a parenting role in Grandfamilies: a resource guide for Western Australian grandparents raising grandchildren.

Nutrition - Taste Bubs program from Meerilinga, including Strong Babies Solid Start and Toddler Tucker for Aboriginal families (Parents' booklets - available in hard copy).

Parenting courses and information sessions - access over 1000 workshops and groups of interest in the Parenting WA Courses Guide.

Protecting children - information for parents, families and friends about better protecting our children.

Safe sleeping - information for new parents, family and carers on ways to ensure safe sleeping for baby, including co-sleeping.

Sexual development -  a guide for parents talking to their kids about sex in Talk Soon. Talk Often. (Available in hard copy from Dept of Health.)

Sexualisation of children and young people in the media - advice for parents and how to complain effectively.

Shaken Baby Syndrome - what is it, what can happen, what to do and tips for parents using babysitters.

Young people and alcohol - a booklet for parents about the ​harm caused to young people's brains and health, what are the laws in WA,  what responsible adults can do and how to talk about drinking alcohol with your teenagers. ​(Available in hard copy.)  ​  

The Department of Local Government and Communities provides most resources online in electronic format only, which can be downloaded and printed. Reproduction and distribution of these guides is freely permitted. However, alterations are prohibited.

To order copies of publications which are available in hard copy, please call the Parenting WA Line on 1800 654 432 or email

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